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Pacôma Paris, a story of passion

Cultured pearls and precious gemstones, the most enchanting of natural wonders,
have been united in the radiant collections of Pacôma Paris.

As the ambassadorial brand of fine cultured pearl and diamond jewellery,
Pacôma Paris dresses and adorns today’s women with a touch of subtle glamour.

Inspired by Paris and the world of dance, the resulting collections evoke French
elegance and the graceful movements of classical ballet.

The tranquil environments where pearls are slowly cultivated project the peace
and serenity that are translated into timeless designs devoid of any ostentation.

Delicate’ and ‘refined’ are the adjectives that lie at the heart of Pacôma Paris’ collections.
The pieces simultaneously call to mind ‘liberty’ and ‘independence’ – values that
are emblematic of the multifaceted woman of today who seeks out jewellery that
reflects and projects her individuality.


Through the marriage between two different yet compatible gems – the pearl
and the diamond – Pacôma Paris’ creations pair up in the manner of a pas de deux.
To balance the angular with the curved, the jewellery house carefully selects the
most beautiful cultured pearls in the world.

All nuances of cultured pearls are explored, from the multicoloured pearls of Tahiti
to the delicate pink Akoya pearls from Japan,
to the white Australian pearls with their silvery gleams.

To set their jewellery collections apart and to appeal to women who identify as
modern yet classy, Pacôma Paris enriches its diamond collections with pieces
that are appropriate for day and night.

The superior savoir-faire and craftsmanship of a French jeweller allows diamonds
and sapphires in their shades of blue and pink to become enrobed in the glow
of cultured pearls. Together, they transform into the finest of jewellery pieces.

Pacôma beautifully features the unmistakable subtlety ofFrench elegance

Graceful femininity

Cultured pearls reflect the woman who wears
them. They embody her softness, beauty,
ardour and incandescence… A woman’s pearl
jewellery is her ideal companion.

Its dancing brightness illuminates the complexion,
enhances a delicate hand, and plays with
the fire of the diamond. It is luminous with
timeless chic, even on the boldest setting !

A piece of pearl jewellery is like the little black
dress – legendary. It is a basic that never
goes out of style.

What if the pearl were an art?It would be dance, of course!

Dance that incarnates momentum, the perfection of movement, airy grace, elegant gestures, as well as infinite patience.
A typical woman, we might say. The attention the dancer gives to each gesture, the figures rehearsed a thousand times, the perfect circle of the hand or foot are like the tens of thousands of hours spent waiting for the pearl to form, round out, and gently polish its sphere.